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You are entitled to review a copy of your IRS tax file?

Contact Us to see how to find out what the IRS has on file about you.

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There are several companies out there claiming to make incorporation easy and inexpensive. Generally, they only provide the first step in legally getting your small business started. What will you do about the various federal and state tax filings required? Who will handle setting up financial and accounting aspects of your new business? Midwest Accounting LLC has been providing these services for over 50 years! Let us be your business accountant partner, while you grow your company!

Midwest Accounting LLC is here to provide turnkey administrative support for business startups in all 50 states. are partners with Main Street. Whether you want to create a partnership, or incorporate, we make it easy and convenient.

Simply complete the basic information requirements in the following form and click the "submit" button. We will contact you shortly to discuss pricing and complete the application. Its that easy! Once complete, you will receive electronic and paper copies of all the documents necessary to get your business going.

Not sure what type of "entity" is best for you? Contact us and we will help you decide.

Once you've decided on your entity type, let us take care of the rest!

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Would you like to become a Limited Liability Company, a 'S' Corporation, or a Corporation?

What are your top three choices for names? (We'll check name availabilty for you)

What are the names of the primary partners, shareholders, or initial investors? (This could be one or many)

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Midwest Accounting LLC: Business Accounting for Main Street

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At Midwest Accounting, Inc., we are committed to delivering the service you deserve. Our team of accountants works one on one with clients in their place of business, bringing our professional services to you.

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